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Profil NOAH (Indonesian Band)

After his exit from prison ariel, former Personnel Peterpan inaugurate their new name is NOAH, the new name has actually been around since 2010. However, on August 2, 2012, the band has announced their new name. Noah himself known name derived from the name of Noah. Regarding the meaning of the word Noah, Uki provide a more in-depth explanation. "Meaning, when I saw the dictionary, the word Noah means people who make comfortable, peaceful, and comforter. Hopefully it can represent us, "added Uki .. Noah Band on goal by: 

Biodata Personil NOAH

 Ariel (vokal)
Nazril Irham or more popular with Ariel or Ariel calls Noah (born in Pangkalan Brandan, Langkat, North Sumatra, 16 September 1981, age 30 years) is an Indonesian singer who is the lead singer of the band Peterpan. Ariel is the youngest of three children of ethnic Malays. Ariel is a popular band vocalist Noah. Ariel is also listed as a student majoring in Architecture Parahyangan University, Bandung.

Uki (gitar)
Mohammad Kautsar Hikmat born in Bandung, West Java, October 5, 1981, age 30 years. At first, with Ariel, Andika and Reza he formed a band called CAP in 1997 that became the forerunner of Peterpan. His favorite musician is a pair of brothers Liam and Noel Garragher from British band Oasis.

Lukman (gitar)Lukman Hakim (born in Cianjur, West Java, December 30, 1976, age 35 years). Peterpan Lukman Hakim met in 2000, when it was looking for a guitarist Peterpan companion, inspiration is Joe Satriani, where he wanted to see was American, London, Australia and Mecca and the most familiar greeting is Lukman.,

Reza (drum) 
Ilsyah Ryan Reza left his hometown for college in Bandung Peterpan then joined in 2001 to replace Ari as the new drummer in the band, the most familiar greeting is Reza.

David (Keyboard). 
David Kurnia Albert born in Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, July 11, 1981, age 31 years. David started to join in Peterpan as an additional player in the end of 2006, and in 2008 David was officially appointed as permanent personnel Peterpan.

NOAH Logo 

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